유아에게 영어로 말하기 295가지  English82 - 무료영어중국어 자료모음

유아에게 영어로 말하기 295가지

1. Good morning!-잘잤니?
2. Good night-잘자라
3. Sweet dreams-좋은 꿈 꾸세요
4. Good bye-안녕
5. See you-안녕, 또 보자.
6. Hello! (전화시)안녕, 여보세요.
7. Thank you.-고맙습니다.
8. Say thank you, please-고맙습니다 라고 말해야지.
9. I'm sorry.-미안합니다.

10. Let's go to bathroom-(화장실 가자-집에서만 사용)
11. Let's wash your face.-세수하자.
12. Let's wash your hands.-손 씻자
13. Let's wash your hair.-머리감자.
14. Let's wash your feet.-발 씻자
15. Let's brush your teeth.-양치질 하자
16. Do you wanna poop?-응가 하고 싶니?
17. Do you wanna pee?-쉬 하고 싶어?
18. I'll turn on the light.-불 킬게.
19. If you finish your poop, call mom. OK? -응가 다 하고 불러
20. Are you done?-다 했니?
21. You did it.- 해 냈구나.
22. You did a great job.- 잘했다.

<의사를 물을때...>
23. Would you like to have some food?-뭐 좀 먹고 싶니?
24. Would you like to have some cookies?-과자 좀 먹고 싶어?
25. Would you like to have milk?-우유 먹고 싶니?
26. Would you like to go outside?-밖에 나가고 싶어?
27. Would you like to go and play outside?-밖에 나가 놀고 싶어?
28. Would you like to ride a bicycle?-자전거 타고 싶어?
29. Do you like Mom?-엄마 좋아?
30. Do you like Daddy?-아빠 좋아?
31. Do you like this car?-이 차 좋아?
32. Don't you like it?-그게 좋아?
33. Let's sleep.-자자.
34. Can you kiss me please? -엄마 한테 뽀뽀 해 줄래?
35. Here it is.-여기 있다.
36. Can you find the key for me?-키 좀 찾아 줄래

37. I love you-사랑해.
38. Are you happy?-좋아?
39. I'm happy.-좋아.
40. Are you afraid?-무서워?
41. I'm afraid.-무서워
42. Are you interested?-재미있니?
43. It's interesting.-재미있어.
44. Are you angry?-화났니?
45. I'm angry.-화났어.
46. Were you surprised? -놀랐어?
47. I was surprised.-놀랐어.
48. Are you sick?-아파?
49. Is it cold?" 추워?
50. Really? 정말?
51. It's cold. Let's go home.-난 추워. 집에 가자.
52. Are you all right?-괜찮아?
53. Are you ok?-괜찮아?
54. Do you feel pain?- 아퍼?
55. Go and say "don't cry, stop crying please" - 가서 울지마 라고 말하세요.
56. You look very happy. Are you happy? - 기분 좋아 보이네. 기분좋아?

57. Are you hungry? -배고프니?
58. I'm hungry.-배고파.
59. Is it delicious?-맛있니?
60. It's delicious.-맛있다.
61. Help yourself!-많이 먹어
62. Did you have enough?-많이 먹었니?
63. Give me one candy.-사탕 하나 줘
64. Would you like to eat cookies? -과자 먹고 싶어?
65. May I have a drink? Give me water please. - 뭐 좀 마시고 싶은데 물 좀 줄래요?
66. Do you know chicken? -치킨 아니?
67. Would you like to have chicken?-치킨 먹고 싶어?

<의문사(Where, Who, What등)로 질문할때..>
68. Where are you?-어디있니?
69. Where is daddy?-아빠 어디있니?
70. What are you doing?-뭐하니?
71. What's daddy doing?-아빠 뭐하니?
72. Where are you going?-어디가니?
73. Where's the daddy's key? -아빠 열쇠 어딨니?
74, Where is an oil station?-주유소 어딨니?
75. Where are apartments? 아파트 어딨니?
76. What is this?

77. Stop! -멈추세요.
78. Watch out! -조심해
79. Look out! -조심해
80. Be careful!-조심해
81. Here is slippery. Slowly down!!-여기는 미끄러워. 천천히 가세요.
82. Slowly on the stairs.-계단에서는 천천히.
83. Are you ok? -괜찮아?
84. Are you all right?-괜찮아?
85. Hurry up!-빨리 서둘러.
86. Let's go!-가자.
87. Here we go!-가자, 출발!
88. Look at that! -저것봐
89. Look at this flower! -저 꽃봐
90. How pretty!-예쁘다.
91. Let's go home-집에 가자.

92. I'm hidden........Peek-a-boo!-나 숨었다..... 까꿍!
93. Behind the curtain. Right there!커튼 뒤에.. 바로 거기...
94. Close your eyes-눈 가리고.
95. Let's sing a rain song together.-레인송 노래 같이 부르자.
96. Here! Mommy, Here!-엄마! 여기 있다 엄마.
97. I'll get you.-너 잡으러가자.
98. I got you- 잡았다.(사람)
99. I got it.- 잡았다.(물건)
100. Running running-달리기.

101.Are you ready? -준비 됐니?
102. Wait a minute. -잠깐만.
103. Let's count one to ten.- 숫자 세어보자.
You did it.-해냈구나.
You did a good job.-잘했다.
105. You are right. You are so smart-그래 맞다. 똑똑 하네..
106. I need scissors. Give me scissors, please-가위가 필요한데 가위 좀 줄래?
107. Let's try it again-다시 해보자.
108. Try it only one time. You can do it.-다시 한번만 더 해보세요. 할수 있어.

109.Don't look at the TV too closely-너무 가까이서 TV보지 마세요
110.Are you interested?-재미있니?
111.Turn on the TV.-TV 켜라.
112.Turn off the TV.-TV 끄라
113.Push the play button.-play 버튼 눌러세요
114.Push the stop button.-stop 버튼 눌러세요

<옷입고 벗기>
115.Your pants are all wet.-너의 바지 다 젖었네.
116.Take off your pants.-옷벗어라.
117.Pun on your pants. -바지 입어라.
118.Put on your shirts.-셔츠 입어라.
119.Stand up.-일어서세요
120.Sit down.-앉으세요.
121.Where are your socks?-양말 어딨니?
122.Let's change them. Take off your shirts and your pants, please

<옷, 빨래, 양말 등..>
123.Youngbum, bring daddy's socks out from the drawer, please.
124.Bring your pants out from the drawer. 서랍에서 네 바지 꺼집어 내어주련?
( 서랍에서 아빠 양말 좀 꺼집어내어 줄래?)
125. OO, say you are welcome please. (천만예요 라고 말해야지...)
126.let's put on your socks.양말신자.
127. Whose socks are they?"(이거 누구 양말이니?)
128. Let's shake them like mom...shake, shake, shake!(엄마처럼 흔들어 보자)
129. Whose pants are they?"(이건 누구 바지니?)
130. Let's hang them like mom...hang it~,hang it~!"(엄마 처럼 늘어보자)

131.**!, your hands are dirty.**아 손이 더럽구나.
132.let's go to the bathroom, and wash your hand, and take a piss, too
(화장실에 가서 손씻고 쉬하고 오너라.)
133.Open the door, please": 문열어주세요.
134.Please, close the door!: 문닫아 주세요.
135.Are you finished? (응가, 쉬) 다했니?
136.It's dirty. You need to clean your hands: 손씻어야 겠다.
137.Let's go outside, after washing your face: 세수하고 밖에 나가자.
138.Can you try to wash your face by yourself?: 혼자서 세수 할수 있니?
139.Wash your cheek too: 볼도 씻으세요.
140.Then, wash your neck cleanly.: 목도 깨끗이 씻어야죠.
141.Wipe your face and hand with towel:타월로 닦자.
142.Let's wash your butt-엉덩이 씻자.

143.I'll do it for you. 내가 해줄게.
144.Do you know carrot? 당근아니?
145.Where did you see a carrot? 당근 어디서 봤니?
146.Put this milk into refrigerator"이 우유 냉장고 넣어주련?
147.Why? **!, don't you like it? 왜? **아, 그거 싫어?
148.Does it taste good? "맛있니?
149.We ate all already: 우리 벌써 다먹었다.
150.Would you like to have sandwich some more?"( 샌드위치 더 먹고 싶어?)
151.That's ok."
152.Would you like to have a watermelon?"(수박 먹고 싶어?)
153.Would you like to drink milk?

154.What's the weather like? 날씨가 어때?
155.It's flower" 꽃이야.
156.It's pink balloon. 핑크색 풍선이야.
157.Wait for me(기다려줘 같이 가자)
158.I'll give you a hug"내가 안아줄게.
159.There are many, many fish: 저기 고기가 너무 너무 많네...
160.This way, please. 이쪽으로 가자...
161.What time is it now?
162.I'm busy. Let's go to daddy's office 인사
163.How are you~ I'm fine. Thank you. And you?
164.How old are you?
165.I'm four years old.
166.Kiss me, Daddy.
167.Who are you?
168.Hello there!"(Hello everybody과 비슷하게 쓰임)

<장난감자동차, 자전거, 등 탈 거리>
169.It's not OO's bicycle. It's baby's bicycle
170.Can I ride in front, please?:앞에 탈래...
171.Would you like to go home?":집에 가고 싶어요?
172.Where is the blue car? 파란차 어딨니?
173.Where is the yellow car? 노란차 는 어딨니?
174.It's a blue car. 파란차 이란다.
175.There has been an accident: 사고 났네.
177.Pick up the car.
178.Hurry up! :빨리! 서둘러.
179.Choo Choo train :칙칙 포포 기차
180.Do you know the airplane?
181.**!, are you busy? **아 바쁘니?

182.It's basketball
183.I'll throw this ball to you. Catch the ball! OK? : 공 네게 줄게. 잡을수 있겟니 ok?
184.Now is your turn.: 이제 네 차례야.
185.Throw it here!: 이쪽으로 던져.
186.I missed. 놓쳐버렸네.
187."Roll that orange ball Down Town-오랜지 Down Town 으로 굴러간단다.
Roll that orange ball Down Town-굴러간단다.
188.Right there: 바로 거기

<놀이터 혹은 밖에서 놀때>
189.Let's run.
190.Bird! Look at the bird!
191.Look over there! 저기 보세요.
192.They are flying.
193.It's funny.우습다.
194.Would you like to go outside?
195.''Let's go out''밖에 나가자.
196.Birds are singing...Can you hear that? "(새가 노래하네. 들리니?)
197.Let's go to the park, after having breakfast. 밥 먹고 공원에 놀러 가자
198.Look at the mirror. What do you think?: 거울보세요. 어때요?
199.Look at that!
200.Shirt is wet.- 젖었다.!
201.I don't like you now.
202.Here I am: 나 여깄지.
203.I found you: 찾았다.
204.Go away? 가라고?

<이건 누구꺼?>
205.This is not a hat. It's a cap. : 이건 테있는 모자가 아니고 그냥 보통모자야.
206.Is this Mom's cell phone? : 이거 엄마 핸드폰이니?
207.Whose cell phone is this? : 누구 핸드폰이니?
208.Where is your house? : 너의 집은 어디니?
209.This is daddy's watch. : 어건 아빠 손목시계야.
210.Do you like this watch? : 너 이 시계 좋아하니?
211.I like it too. : 나도 좋아.
212.Where's toes? : 발가락이 어디있지?
213.Let's tickle your feet. : 네 발 간질이자.
214."Is this your house?" : 이 집이 너의 집이니?
215.Where's my baby? : 우리 아가 어디있지?
216.Is this mom's car? : 이거 엄마 차니?
217.No, it's mine : 아니예요. 내 꺼 예요.
218.Which one is smaller among these two? : 어느 게 더 작아?
219.Which one is bigger? : 어느 게 크게?

<어휴 집이 너무 지저분하구나>
220.What a mess!:어휴 지저분해.
221.Let's pick up your cars, put them in."(주워담자!)
222.What happen?
223.What shall I do about this? "(어떻하지?)
224.Would you please leave?: 좀 비켜줄래?
225.We are finished: 됐다.
226.Good job!-잘했어요
227.very good!

<비디오,책 보면서>
228.Would you like to see Sesame street?"(쎄스미 보고싶어?)
229.Elmo's dancing.-엘모 춤추네.
230.Elmo's skating- 엘모 스케이트 타네
231.First, push the stop button. : stop 버튼 누르세요.
232.Next, push the rewind button. Do you understand?
(다음 rewind 버튼 누르세요. 알겠어요?)
233.Click the play button.: Play 버튼 클릭 하세요.
234.It's hot. Go to the living room and watch TV by sitting down.
(덥다. 거실로 가서 앉아 TV 보세요.)
235.Where's clue?: clue!(블루에서 블루 발자국 모양이 있는 퀴즈힌트) 가 어디 있지?
236.The Very Hungry Caterpillar, (배고픈 애벌레)
237.Would you want to see the Grandpa's Magical Toy tape?:
(위씽 요술 장난감 비디오 볼래요?)
238.Go to the living room, please.
239.Open the Door Little Dinosaur? 공룡아 문열어줄래?
240.Where's the bumblebee?
241.Say once more please. 한번만 더 말해 불래요?
242.What's that sound?
243.Were you surprised?: 놀랮지?
244.Where is a dog? 개 어딨니?
245.Where is a bear? 곰은 어딨니?
246.Where's thumb?"엄지 손가락 어딨니?
247.It's turtle: 거북이란다.

<다칠라! 조심! 위험해요>
250.Don't come beside me. :내 옆에 오지 마세요.
251.It's dangerous-위험해요.
253.Carefully~ Carefully~ Slowly~ Slowly
254.Ouch! I feel pain: 아야! 아프다
255. I'm ok.
256.Do you feel pain? A lot of pain?: 아퍼? 많이 아퍼?
257.Are you ok?
258.You may have a big problem.~"(큰일날뻔 했다.)
259.When ironing the clothes, don't come beside mom."(다림질 할 때는 옆에 오지마세요)
260.It's dangerous. Get down from the chair"(위험해. 의자에서 내려가거라)

261.The hour is late. It's time to sleep. 시간늦었다. 잘 시간이다.
262.OO, say good night to cuckoo: 쿠쿠( 뻐꾸기 울음소리) 한테 잘자라고 인사해야지.
263.is it ok?
264.Wake up! Daddy!
265.Should I give a pillow? -베개 줄까?
266.Can I lie down next to you?: 네 옆에 누워도 되니?
267.Would you like to sleep more?: 더자고 싶어요?
268.I like to sleep more. 더 자고 싶어요.
269.You're right.
270.It's time to sleep. Let's go to bed"
(잘 시간이다. 자러가자.)
271.You must sleep now. 지금 자야돼.
272.Say good night to daddy. 아빠 한테 안녕히 주무세요 라고 말해야지.
273."Is daddy still sleeping? Go and say wake up to daddy"
(아직도 아빠 자고 있니 가서 좀 깨울래?)

273.Bring a colored pencil!"
274.Put this garbage into the garbage can."(이 쓰레기 쓰레기통에 좀 버려줄래)
275.OO, bring my bag to me. Can you find it for me?
(내 가방 좀 갖다 줄래 좀 찾아주라.)
276.Newspaper? 신문?
278.Here you are. Should I give water, too?"(물도 줄까?)

279.Grandfa's crying.
280.Do you have a headache?"머리아프니?
281.I saw you yawning, too: 나는 너 하품하는거 봤지요.
282.Are you still angry?
283.훌레이! 훌레이!(Hooray!)
284.Who's crying?
285.I'm thirsty. 목말라.
286.Give me water.
287.I'm so tired. 너무 피곤해.
288.What''s Grandma doing? 할머니 뭐하세요.
290.You look pretty: 예뻐 보인다.
291.What's wrong? Why?
292.Itch here. 여기 가려워.
293.It's heavy?
294.OO! You need to clean your nose. 코 깨끗이 해야지.
295.Oh! It's dirty. Blow your nose with a tissue.: 더럽다. 휴지로 코 풀어보세요.